News - Wednesday March 8th, 2023

“Debris” out today

My latest musical work is out today, an LP entitled “Debris”.

It is previewed on the Frequencies music web-zine which asked me for the occasion to write a short article in which I explained the procedure and the way I arrived at the publication, in synergy with the historic Roman label Stirpe999.
Apart from the music, which are pieces of electronic music that I composed in a more traditional way, everything else was done with the help of Artificial Intelligences: the cover, the 5 images that will be printed on canvas as “physical” copies of the disc, the video, the teaser up to the phrase that summarizes the concept of the disc: “The remnants of humanity lay scattered among the ruins, a testament to our arrogance and neglect, as we dissolved into the debris of our own making” which was generated by ChatGPT asking her to talk about how man is dissolving into debris.

Reflections on this theme are on Frequencies. The disc can be downloaded on Stirpe999.