Web design and development

The creation of websites has been my main activity in the last 20 years.
It has evolved with the growth of the web and has been enriched with the development of navigation tools and new standards.

Today, to connect to the Internet, users no longer use only personal computers and notebooks, but also tablets and smart phones of different brands, resolutions and technologies.
The need arose to develop the sites with a responsive web design that guarantees the contents to be used by any device.

Furthermore, the development of web marketing and sites / blogs / social networks has given the search engines the great responsibility of being able to respond correctly to user searches. They must recognize sites that offer usefulness to users who seek information and penalize those that are untrustworthy or incomplete. And they must recognize sites without content created just for click baiting or worse fraud like phishing.
This new field of study has allowed the birth of a new specialization and the development of the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
We have also born the guidelines that we webdesigner, in the phase of creation and design, we must painstakingly follow to allow the sites to be found by users who are searching in an ocean of information.

During my career I have learned step by step different methods of using this tool to better represent brands and products of all kinds.

At the end of the 90s the birth of the role of webdesigner and the immolation to sacred idols of the design of some webdesigners were a source of encouragement to experimentation and constant attempts to go beyond, exceed the limits imposed by the same network and always offer ways new to take advantage of the sites.
I’ve been a Flash developer for years, especially as an art director of the Miller company, whose team has distinguished itself in Italy in creating highly innovative and avant-garde sites.

In the last years, after the abandonment of this technology and the development of HTML 5 I have updated, I learned to exploit the WordPress CMS engine to use it in the creation of complex sites that can be easily updated by the client without the need to create a ad hoc control panel.

I have also deepened the SEO issues achieving good results in research.

My added value

Over the years I have never stopped, in the creation of websites, to test new technologies, experiment, develop.
What I offer to my clients today is my experience, the one I have accumulated over the years solving many types of problems and satisfying the needs that have been exposed to me.

My main feature is a mix of skills that makes me a reliable single interlocutor for web projects.
I am able to design the architecture of the site, develop the code in HTML and CSS, optimizing the contents for a correct display on all devices, possibly convert it to WordPress code, publish it on the server.
More than this I am also a motion and sound designer, so I can also enrich the site with multimedia content with a strong emotional and aesthetic impact.

Over time I have also built a network of specialized collaborators together with I can work to achieve the goals that I could not reach on my own:

  • copy-writers, art directors and storytellers
  • illustrators and designers
  • 3d artists
  • SEO specialists
  • Javascript programmers, Java, C ++, Ajax, etc.
  • systems engineers

I can realize projects already set up occupying only the executive phase, but are able to manage the entire process of creativity and production.

Other services related to the web:

– Banner campaigns
– Dem development
– SEO optimisation

Last site released:

All the sites released using the WordPress CMS were developed as HTML+CSS templates theen converted to WordPress original templates: it means that I usually avoid to buy templates and customise them, my approach is more oldschool and I prefer to be considered as an artisan and not a supermarket.

Case histories:

Here some pictures of the sites I released: many of them are not online anymore since they were created using Flash, a technology today considered obsolete and that requires a plugin.

Sito web ful responsive realizzato come freelance insieme a Luca Boriani per l'agenzia di viaggi per stranieri in Italia Sophie. Ho curato tutta la parte di graphic design ed impaginazione sulle indicazioni del cliente.

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