Web design and development

The creation of websites was my main activity from the early 90s to 2010. In the following years, continuing to offer my consultancy in this field, I gradually shifted my attention towards motion design.

I constantly collaborate with web production agencies in the role of graphic and UI designer, but also as graphic supervisor and sometimes as WordPress developer.
The 15 years of experience in writing HTML and CSS code by hand make me a creative with the technical skills necessary to conceive and create websites, optimizing the weights and dimensions of graphic objects and with competence in responsive design.

However, what I propose to my clients today is more graphic and creative support for sites, rather than the complete development of the code, through the management of impact graphics, animations (in SVG, Html5 or Gif formats) and videos (in particular animations on the logo to be used on the homepage).

Case histories:

Here some pictures of the sites I released: many of them are not online anymore since they were created using Flash, a technology today considered obsolete and that requires a plugin.

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