Videos for the web

In an age when broadband spreads like wildfire, we still talk about video for the web and the main reasons are two:

  • on the one hand there is the optimization / compression of a video so that it can be viewed via internet on all the devices that access it
  • on the other hand, an aesthetic taste linked to the web has spread, developed in particular in the 90s

With the development of Flash, a browser plugin with its own development environment, actually, many websites started to have an animated intro, a first page in which their logo was revealed by a graphic explosion accompanied by a soundtrack.

As I grew up with the network and having always been mainly responsible for creating animations and special effects for websites, I have a good understanding of compression formats and how to optimize them to maintain the best weight / quality ratio, applying different encodings optimized for different devices, I also know the most popular aesthetic tastes that users expect in front of the web content.

Video for DEM, landing pages and video-cards

The language of the Internet has increasingly pushed towards television, the contents are increasingly spread in video format and, in addition to the great classics of the social world, such as Youtube and Facebook, which today are a synecdoche that represents the entire network, the means to carry them through the ocean of internet data are different: for example DEM (Direct Email Marketing), advertising banners, landing pages or mini-sites to support larger adv campaigns, competition sites, etc … but not only. An example of the use of small, effective animations with the aim of retaining their customers can also be simple video cards, such as Christmas greetings.

Case histories:

Here after some videos I was asked to release with the purpose to be spread online:

Introduction for the Smint website, released for Perfetti Van Melle together wiith the Miller team on behalf of Selection.

Mentos Christmas card that was sent by mail (DEM)

Video introduction for the Fonti Pirotecnica website.