Creation of music videos

One of the fields in which motion design has been used a lot, creating real cult in both the world of video operators and that of viewers, is that of music videos, perhaps the most extensive video area that has ever existed.

I think it is one of the most stimulating fields to apply motion graphics techniques. One reason is that thanks to modern software and plug-ins it is possible to break down the music on different frequencies and use the intensity and the peaks to make the video react to the audio, a technique that I have had the opportunity to experiment and deepen many times.

Case histories:

Videoclip for one of my tracks, generated using the Vqgan+Clip Artificial Intelligence.

New videoclip realised for Giona Vinti, aka Hyena.


Videoclip released for Filthy Generation. Just one day of shooting with the aim to take some pictures to decompose the bodies of the musicians and then rig them to create puppets. The whole video is the fall of the 3 components of the group, according to the text of the song that says “I am falling down, the countdown begins”


This video has been released entirely in motion-graphics for Giona Vinti, aka Hyena, artist that produces music in a sort of alchemic way. He asked me a way to represent a symbol and a lucid dream he made so I tried to recreate a materic dense cloud of particles, connected one another, to represent the “whole” and a situation od noise and chaos that slowly morphs into the sign.

Some other works: