Whiteboard animation

Now widely used in the advertising world, the animated drawing technique on a whiteboard is called whiteboard animation. It is an extremely effective technique in story telling.

This type of animation displays a hand, that draws with pen or pencil, moves or deletes graphic elements to support the narrating voice.

In telling a production process or a service offered by your company it is certainly more effective a video that uses this technique rather than a brochure containing pages and pages of written text.

The language of the video itself is immediate, but when the video is developed with the white-board technique it becomes magically universal. It becomes understandable even for an extremely heterogeneous public.

A variation of this technique is speed drawing. Technique based on the rapid reproduction of the work of a designer / illustrator.
It is obtained either by taking a shot and then played back very fast, either by taking photographs at fixed intervals while keeping the camera fixed in the same position.
In this case the hand is not necessarily inserted in the visual context. But it is extremely captivating to see a design that is quick to self-compose and show us all of its development steps.

This video has ben released by Nicola Padovani, skilled art director with whom I worked many times, also on videos like this.