Creation of themes for TV programs.

One of the fields in which I have sometimes worked is that of superimposed graphics during newscasts and television broadcasts.

Thanks to the techniques of motion design it is possible to study animated graphic elements that give the television transmission a coherent and appealing aesthetic appearance. The aim is to entertain the audience without being too intrusive, aesthetically in line with the studio in which it is filmed and the video content it offers.

First of all there are the initials of opening and closing, which constitute a sort of curtain and which introduce the contents emotionally and aesthetically.
Then come a series of other contributions

Motion design is often used to create something without starting materials. Normally you play on the main theme of the program and its identity to develop an animation of entertainment and introduction.

In this field were born real “genres” of animated graphics, with related annexes: just think of the world that rotates, used in the most diverse graphic representations in almost all the acronyms of the news of the last 40 years.

Case histories:

Introduction to a web-tv program. I took care of the look and feel, the art direction and the music.

Introduction for a low budget program without any kind of materials created just with motion graphics techniques.