Motion designer freelance | Milano.

I am a freelance motion designer based in Milan.
For more than 20 years I have been dealing with motion design, digital and web design, sound design on behalf of production studios and agencies, but also directly for companies.
I describe products and services through motion graphics videos with an artisanal and tailor-made approach. I offer professional and specialized support in the creation of effective and impactful animations.

Motion Graphics Reel

AI Video Reel

Logo Animation Teaser

How I can help you:

    – I enhance your brand, your products and services through motion graphics videos or classic videos with motion graphics interventions
    – I provide you with a tool to amaze your customers and acquire new ones, tell your story, explain how a service works, present a new product
    – I help you enrich your stand at the fair, enhance your website or your social media pages
    – I support your B2B and B2C communication
    – I provide your sales force with an extra powerful tool
    – I am a technical, creative, pragmatic and proactive support
    – I integrate into your team for the development of complex projects
    – If necessary, I work completely independently
    – I am reliable and precise, I always respect deadlines
    – I create theme tunes for your broadcasts
    – I specialize in logo animation
    Dress up your programs with titles, l3rds, transitions, etc
    – I help you turn your fantasies into something concrete
    – I put together images, footage and graphics to support your music
    – I have fun with you


Contact me without obligation, tell me your needs and we will find a solution together.



Before starting my freelance career I worked in digital production agencies as a graphic designer and motion designer, but also as a production manager and team manager.

I have worked for / collaborated with:
Argonet, Interpop, Trip Multimedia Group, Veryweb, Miller, New Deal, Selection, Nicola Padovani Studio, Endos Studio, Amarena Pictures, Wow Creativity, Wazabit, PGB Communication, Cernuto Pizzigoni & Partners, Gatto&Partners, Triwù, True Color, Balich Wonder Studio , Third Landscape, Publy, Takerate, B-Story, …

Suomy Helmets, Italdesign-Giugiaro, Armani Jeans, Pupa Non Conventional Beauty, Ariston, Alcatraz Music Island, Calimero, Swiss Air, Riello, B-Ticino, Sapio, Sapio Life, Urbano Cairo Editore, Mondadori, Bedeschi Film, Perfetti Van Melle, Arturo Brachetti, Roy Paci, Dodo Nkishi, Mentos, Big Babol, Brooklyn, Blackboard, Sendra, Police 883, Swiss Chris, Frisk, Fruittella, Golia, Vivident, Vigorsol, Kenwood, Sportitalia, Roxy Bar, Streamit/Twww, Bocconi University, Chupa-Kite, Co.L.Se.A, Gnudi Guatri, BarillaTv, Chantecler, 4 Pan Sautés Findus, CSL Behring, Novartis, Lifelike, Sikkens, Polytechnic of Milan, Paradox Engineering, Fondazione Lerici, Latteria Soresina, Fabbrica Borroni, Lidl, Giuliani Bioscalin, Bergonzini Studio, ForServices, E2BS, Bolton, Mediaworld, Piazzavetra Milano, Autotorino, Lundbeck, Ferrero, Nutella, Kinder, SEA, Paglieri, Hapu, Corepla, Comieco, Altroconsumo, Vespa, and many others.


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@sp_motiongraphics on Instagram


Wednesday January 24th, 2024
New Instagram Account

Follow my new professional account on IG: @sp_motiongraphics

Saturday December 23rd, 2023
Book: “La tregua di Natale”

Animation of the boards of a graphic novel for children

Friday September 15th, 2023
(Italiano) Wink video teaser

(Italiano) Video teaser realizzato per Wink Web3 Social Network

Thursday June 1st, 2023
New Reel 2023

(Italiano) Ho finalmente trovato il tempo per montare un nuovo reel.

Tuesday May 30th, 2023
Videos on the Dome of Carrara

Some of my videos have been selected for the event “E.le.menti”

Wednesday March 8th, 2023
“Debris” out today

My new LP is avalable on Stirpe999 Records

Thursday February 9th, 2023
Reflections on AI

AIs are fast, efficient, pragmatic. They can empower us or replace us, it’s up to us.

Monday December 12th, 2022
(Italiano) Nuovo videoclip: Culto – Excrete

Official video clip of the song “Excrete”, by Culto, taken from the album “Of the Sun”. Generated in collaboration with the artificial intelligence VQGan+CLIP.