Creation of videos with photos

One of the most interesting techniques of motion design is to create videos using only photos.
This technique has been used in several music videos, but it is also possible to use it for other purposes such as:

  • transform the photographed products of a catalog into vide
  • animate historical photos of a company

Or we can use it when there is no footage, but only a few photographs.

You can get amazing results even with vintage images, grainy and damaged. In this case the first step will be to rebuild them and revive them with the graphic tools and the photo-editing techniques.

To obtain a satisfactory result there are mainly two methods:

  • the first is to display images one after the other, adding graphical overlay effects. Creating video slideshows that are far more compelling than those obtained through more popular tools like Powerpoint. These allow to obtain transitions between the images in infinite different ways, using the most disparate special effects, with background music, animated captions etc.
  • the second method is to treat every single photograph as a real world to be rebuilt.In fact, it is possible to cut out the elements of an image, thus separating the different perspective planes from one another. Recreate the missing parts and isolate the background and reposition the elements in a 3D perspective. Later we can insert and move a virtual camera in this environment. The result is to immerse the user inside the photo and make it feel sensorially inside it. This second method also allows you to add new elements to the original photo. Or put together different photographs for amalgamating them in a single perspective environment.

Case histories:

Here after some examples of videos I released only with photos:

This is a video interview in which have been used some foootage and pictures to improve the entertainment while watching, in particular at timing 2’04”.

This video was released for a farmhouse using just 5 photos on which I added light rays, birds, cats, etc

In this corporate video released for CSL Behring Italia on behalf of Nicola Padovani Studio, from 0’17” to 0’45” I used just some archive photos enriched by adding some details.