Product video creation

Motion graphics is the most used technique in product descriptions, as it allows to visualize parts of the text, told by a narrating voice, that we wish to remain engraved in the user’s memory. It helps us to graphically highlight the specific parts of the product to enhance its characteristics or differences compared to competing products. It allows us to decontextualize an object, disassemble it, look inside it, enlarge a detail, and so on.

Whether you reproduce the object in 3D or represent it with an illustration or a drawing, through the motion graphics we can show and tell the product in detail. Much more than just a simple recovery.

If the product is not a physical object, but a service, the animated graphics help us even more, as it allows us to represent everything that characterizes it and distinguishes it from the competition, focusing on

  • its phases
  • its benefits
  • the results
  • economic value

We can represent with illustrations or animated drawings how its delivery or supply takes place, circumventing its intangible nature and presenting it in a comprehensible and concrete way.

Case histories:

Here above some examples of product videos I realised in the past.

Video presentation of the Road2Win app, fully released in motion graphics on behalf of Wazabit.
I took care of everything but storyboarding, voice over and musical choice.

Presentation of the PE-Ami software created by Paradox Engineering for smart cities. Released on behalf of Nicola Padovani Studio that provided storyboard and drawings.