Realization of advertising spots in motion graphics

The motion graphics, 2D and 3D, has been used in thousands of commercials for obvious reasons: on one hand it is a good way to explain a product or a service with a simple and immediate language, on another hand it allows to play with the subject to be advertised decontextualizing it, entering it, analyzing it, breaking it down, illustrating it, etc., and on the other hand it is often a way to get around the costs that would require a classic production with the location rent, the permission request, the use of actors , technicians and equipment.

As with any video, motion design techniques can also be used in combination with shooting classic shots, both overlay and alternating.

In motion graphics, however, the brand of the advertised product is almost always revealed, which appears and disappears in an appealing way.

Case histories

In my experience I have been the art director of a web-tv called Streamit so I had to manage with its logo to create different spots that have been transmitted on its own platform.

In this one I took care of the editing, the sound design, the post production and the 2d graphics

This spot was developed for Perfetti Van Melle with the Miller team on behalf of Selection: I took care of the editing, the post production and the sound design.