Explainer Video

If you need to illustrate or explain a product or a service to your actual customers or to your potential new ones, there are no languages direct and universal such as video.
An explainer video is short and simple, in 1 or 2 minutes it describes what you offer, illustrating your product or service in a fun way, showing how it works and explaining its strengths and benefits.

The fundamental elements of an Explainer Video are 3

  1. a written TEXT able to synthesize the arguments and translate them into the right language to be understood;
  2. the “voice over” of an actor or actress, who reads the text interpreting it in an emotional and captivating way;
  3. ANIMATED IMAGES that underline the most important parts of the text supporting it throughout its whole duration

To strengthen the teamwork of these 3 elements, then, background music and sound design are usually called to help, since they mark the rhythm of the animation and keep the attention of the beholder alive.

The advantages of a video in motion graphics also has the great advantage of requiring a lean realization: actually, expensive productions with actors, operators, equipment are not required, but everything is done in the studio, with relatively short times and very low costs.

Once having a text that works and after having identified the “look & feel” that you want to give to the animation, in a few days you can have your video finalised in a professional way and you will be ready to upload it to social networks , send it by phone, post it on your website, send it on TV or show it directly to customers.

To explain in a synthetic and direct way what a Video Explainer is I thought it would be smart to use a Video Explainer.
I conceived it in such a way as to constantly change atmosphere precisely to show different techniques, transitions and styles. Voice over is by Ivano Pelizzoni, with whom I constantly collaborate and who I think is one of the best professional italian speakers.