Corporate video production

Through the techniques of motion design it is possible to tell your audience the history of your company, focusing

  • its strengths
  • its peculiar characteristics
  • his ethics
  • its production process

Excellent results can be achieved by producing

  • video in pure motion graphics
  • video in which motion graphics is used to support shooting. Adding titles of the supporting topics, the parts of text that you want to highlight to the user, or purely aesthetic elements

Thanks to the motion graphics you can animate and give life to the company logo and create some bumpers or stingers, with drawings and illustrations synched to the rhythm of music and narrating voice.

Thanks to the powerful software of today and the performance achieved not only by personal computers, but also by tablets and smart phones, which are gradually climbing the rankings of the most used devices to access the network, the budgets of years ago are no longer needed.

Basically it is possible to obtain excellent results in limited time and therefore with relatively low costs.

Case histories:

Hera after you find 2 examples of corporate videos I did in the past years:

The history of Perfetti Van melle: I personally took care of art-direction, visual fx, motion design and sound design. The project was developed for Perfetti Van Melle Italia on behalf of its communication agency Selection.

Corporate video for CSL Behring Italia: I took care of all the motion graphics on behalf of Nicola Padovani Studio.