A034: electronic music production since 1995

Since the early 90s I deal with the production of electronic music (under the A034 moniker) and sound design.
Although it’s not my core business, they are two activities that have often been useful in the creation of websites and videos.

In the early 90s the world of computer networks has literally changed my existence.
In part I owe it to my thesis supervisor, prof. Fausto Colombo, with whom I discussed a topic that in Italy was like an alien at the times.
My thesis was entitled “Telematic networks and virtual communities: the social centers of cyberspace”. It was a sociological study of how communities were born in telematic networks had a social impact in the real world.

Labels and productions

Over the years I have published a fair amount of works in cassette, vinyl and CD, for Italian and foreign labels.

The first label that decided to invest time and money in the production of one of my records was Tijuana Records, the embryo of the next and legendary Bar La Muerte, founded by Bruno Dorella (Wolfango, Ronin, Ovo, Bachi da pietra, Lava) , my friend, hero and mentor.
Later I had the pleasure of publishing also on Hydrophonic (Ita), Blackqirex (Ita), Blackbean + Placenta (USA), AFE (Ita), Monkey Tool (Fra), Raumklang(De), Full Volume Agency (Jp).

Also in the 90s I founded with my friend Andrea Meloni (aka BBS) the live improvisation band Nuke Satori. Project that gave birth to one of the first Italian net-labels, always proudly niche.
Nuke Satori has published, besides his own, the music of many Italian “breaking” artists in mp3 format, in free download for political choice.
The attitude has in fact always been antithetical to the mainstream and totally copyleft, only in some cases protected by Creative Commons licenses.

After more than 10 years, when the internet had already taken over the market and the music was almost all available on the net, with a group of musicians I founded the collective and label RXSTNZ Records , which published vinyls , CDs and digital discs as well as offering dozens of experimental electronics concerts throughout Europe and organizing cross-media events to raise awareness of countercultures.

Sound design

During my training, this second activity related to audio and music production has become an immense added value for my work of web design and motion design, in fact I could immediately implement my sounds in the works that I proposed to customers.
At first I have in fact inserted sounds and melodies in the sites developed in Flash, making them multimedial and emotional.
Later I could then use my productions in the realization of videos in animated graphics, not only with music and melodies, but also sounds and atmospheres thanks to a constant growth in the creation and processing of audio material.

Thanks to this passion, I can also offer this expertise to anyone looking for a single point of contact for multimedia or cross-media projects.