News - Monday December 12th, 2022

(Italiano) Nuovo videoclip: Culto – Excrete

Video clip made for the Italian band Culto that launches its first melodic death metal album “Of the Sun”.
Starting from video material recorded amateurishly by the band’s musicians and adding material generated through VQGan+CLIP, the forerunner of TTI (text to image) type artificial intelligences, I tried to interpret the concept of the song which is described as follows:

“Sickness pushes, suffering struggles. You feel ripped and you try to expel all this pain. When it finally comes out it’s energy, it’s light, it’s art… it’s you!”

The result is a frenetic amalgam of evocative images mixed with the performative ones of the band, proposed in the form of a cloud of points that react to musical frequencies.