News - Sunday October 9th, 2022

Videoclip for “Tik Tok” by Nabil One

Videoclip made for Nabil One in collaboration with my friend and collaborator Burla, who is a very good street artist, illustrator and cartoonist as well as a musician.

Nabil offered us a very detailed storyboard and was also extremely precise on the look & feel to give to this piece of his.
The first phase of our work therefore was to define a graphic style that was simple and light, but with impact. Once defined the traits of the characters that had to be animated, I “traced” them from the drawings of Burla, in vector, directly in After Effects, to be able to animate them in a fluid way, while the backgrounds produced by Burla were put into perspective in a three-dimensional environment that would allow us to move inside with a camera.

The graphic treatment aims to lighten the content of the text, which is a criticism of the alienating use made of social networks and devices that allow us to always be “connected”.