News - Sunday February 13th, 2022

Experiments with Gaugan 2

Gaugan 2 is an artificial intelligence created by Nvidia that allows you to play in a really fun way.

It allows you to obtain photorealistic images, especially of a landscape or architectural type, by drawing and coloring a predefined canvas.
The colors define the materials, the sketch defines the details.
In the text field you can refine everything with a sentence that describes the result you want to obtain (this however seems to me to work very little compared to more advanced AI TTIs). It is also possible to upload an image that defines the “style” you want to achieve.

I’m playing it a lot in my free time and I also made a small video to explore its potential. Unfortunately it seems that Nvidia is not interested in evolving this tool, in recent weeks it has always remained the same while the other AIs are constantly being modified and evolved.