News - Thursday February 10th, 2022

Debris Videoclip

Videoclip for one of my tracks, generated with the help of the artificial intelligence VqGan + Clip.

For the realization I proposed to this AI, of the Text-To-Image type and which therefore expects textual input, a large amount of prompts asking it to morph between one and the other in a certain amount of frames, up to cover the entire duration of the song.
The process thrilled me, the result both stunned and unsettled me: if my prompts were translated into what we might call key-frames, those generated in the morphing process came straight out of AI in its attempt to mix one. with the next one and I believe that the most beautiful parts came out precisely in these intermediate spaces, because they are hardly attributable to a predefined style.

The development of this video took about 15 days of work between the inevitable trial and error phase, the long generation of frames, the use of the notebook on Colab which without a subscription really asked me a lot of patience, then the phase of post-production, editing and synchronization with the audio.

Difficult to understand where this new type of tools will take us in the coming months, because we are only at the beginning … I definitely feel a creative tingle, but at the same time I am terrified of the uses that can be made to distort reality.

In fact, the introduction of the video is more a provocation than an observation. Weird times are coming