News - Tuesday February 8th, 2022

The monsters of Rudall-E

I am experimenting with a Colab on Google that uses an AI-based image generation system. I am talking about Rudall-E.

It is a Russian notebook, so you have to go through the translator to be able to use words that are understandable to it, but apart from this little complication it is undoubtedly fun.
Its consistency in generating a graphical response to prompts is quite sui generis, but while most of the results are trashable, there are a few that are truly peculiar.
The most notable thing is the speed with which it generates the images.

I think an interesting use of tools like this could be to give us different visions of an idea, in fact it often shuffles the words of the prompt transforming their meaning in an unpredictable way and this generates images that could hardly have arisen in our head.