Italian Web Designer

I’m an italian web designer with 20 years of experience.

In the early 90s Internet peeked out in my country in a very shy way.
It took several years for it to take hold in a concrete way and it was seen by companies as the opportunity to turn to a global market and have a virtual store that could sell their products.

In those years, after the university, I was learning to assemble personal computers in a small company and I was a maintenance technician of mainframe systems at large companies and local area networks inside schools. Working in the IT field I had the luck to get in touch very soon with modems and the net, first through the BBS network and in a second time though the first Internet sites. One day my manager asked me if I wanted to learn how to create web pages and sent me to the university Politecnico di Milano to a group of nerds who taught me the embryo of HTML, it was version 1.2.

It was a good move because our company started selling, in addition to hardware services, web pages that I was responsible for.
Some time later, when I discovered the existence of Flash, I began to play a lot and I convinced my manager that it might be worth trying to sell sites made with that new technology.

From that moment I began working hard with Flash and I changed work place many times specialising more and more in graphic design and vector based motion design.

After 2001 I have been the art director and chief web designer at Miller, a company that was specialised in high end Flash sites and workd on many entertainment sites developing graphics, animations and soundtracks.

In 2005 Miller created a web TV called Streamit and I have been more and more involved in making also videos in motion graphics.

After 2012 and the end of my experience in the Miller team I decided to go on as a freelancer and today, keeping updating my knowledge of web developing and after giving up the use of Flash, I go on proposing my web design experience mixed with my motion design skills for the creation of high end responsive websites.